The Match Location
The Match will be located at the Double Tap Ranch Range facilities just west of Wichita Falls, Texas on FM 368 ( at the bottom of this page are the GPS coordinates ) Wichita Falls is a Medium size city of 104,000 friendly folks with 1500+ hotel rooms and Hosts Shepherd Air Force Base. Wichita Falls is located just a 2 hour drive north of Dallas, Texas and 2 hour drive south of Oklahoma City, OK for those wishing to fly into either city you can get connecting flights into Wichita Falls. Wichita Falls has a large assortment of major restaurant chains and entrainment to suit every taste. We even have two Indian CASINOS just 15 minutes north on I-44 ( just click on the "do, see, eat in WF button on the top of this page for a list of restaurants and things to see and do in Wichita Falls)

Match Dates and Entry Fee

The Double Tap Championship is being reformatted to make it less expense / and a quicker to shoot Match for the competitor and with less wear and tear on the staff. It will be run under the latest USPSA/IPSC rules and will be TWO - One day matches, (with combined results) The dates will be Friday June 9th for staff and a limited amount of competitors, Saturday June 10th and Sunday June 11th, 2017. The match entry fee will be $180.00 for adults & $130.00 for juniors. NO REFUNDS AFTER MAY 12th  Refunds after 30 days of signing up ONLINE will incur a 12% refund fee on all refunds on the original entry fee amount.

We will e-mail confirmation of you PAID entry to you IF you send in a paper entry from this web site. Please include your e-mail address, and (PLEASE - PLEASE -Fill in the entry on your Computer then print the entry out and or pay and squad online at Make all checks out to: Robert Porter.  No entries accepted without payment and a signed release. A release is required for all persons on range weather shooting or spectating, You can sign the release at registration / check in for the match or click the I agree button on the online registration. If you have attended one of our matches in the pass you will not need to sign another release.

Range will be open from 6:30am till 6:00pm (Match Days Friday - Sunday)

Check In will be at the range's stat shack
There will be Check-in / registration  which WILL BE AT THE RANGE from 4:00 till 6:00pm  Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can pickup Shooters Bags and Pre-paid Shirts, Lunch tickets other related items from shooters services at the Sats Shack. You may also check in from 6:30 - 7:15 match day.

Match Schedule
We will hold the shooters' meeting Saturday  and Sunday at 7:15 a.m. The match will begin, Saturday and Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m. We will shoot all 12 stages on Saturday or all 12 stages on Sunday. (includes the Chrono)

This sounds like a lot of stages in one day, but but with only 12 folks per squad last year we shot 12 stages and started at 8:00am and where through shooting at about 4:00-4:30pm. This is due to our unique range layout that allows you to shoot 2 stages and never have to move your gear.

The match this year will be a Level II match and will count as a classifier, When we have enough GM's in each division.

RO Shoot
RO's will shoot the match Friday June 10th starting at 9:00am. Competitors / Sponsors may shoot at this time on one of only two competitor squads on this day

Match Sponsors

Match sponsors are encouraged to shoot during the RO match on Friday June 10th

Popper Calibration Ammo
The Range Master will test all called for calibrations per the USPSA rule book. Calibration ammo will be 124 grain 9mm jacketed RN Montana Gold bullets shot out of a 5” barrel eagle STI going between 930 - 967 FPS for a Power Factor of 115 to 120.


We will have 11 fun and creative stages and the chrono,which will be reviewed by NROI to comply with USPSA rules requiring a minimum of 280+ rounds. You may view the stages by clicking on the "Stage Design / DTC" Link at the top of this page. One of the major goals of this match is to have the stage diagrams be identically (on this web sight and in the match books) to what you will see when you get on the range.

This match is a lost brass match as a matter of efficiency. All competitors are expected to unbag and holster at one of the clearly marked safe areas (located at each end of the range) each morning before the start of the match there will be no bagging and unbagging at the line. Unloading area for CHL holders is at the Chronograph stage.

RO Shoot
RO's will shoot the match Friday June 10th starting at 9:00am. Competitors / Sponsors may shoot at this time on one of only two competitor squads on this day.

Shipping Ammo to the Match

You may ship your ammo to the match to this address: 3200 Grant st. Wichita Falls, TX 76308. Please drop us an e-mail letting us know to be on the look out for your ammo.

Motorized Vehicles

No Motorized Vehicles on range. No need,  the range has opposing bays with short distances between bays and several 4’ x 8’ Tables for your gear under shade that runs the length of the range.


The final match results will be posted on the USPSA web page with a link from our web page. The days results will be posted at the end of each day on web site. Score will be updated aprox. every 4 hours during the match on the praticescore web sight, (Search: Double). The last days results will not be posted until after the awards on Sunday.

Leaving Before Finish Shooting All the Stages

If you are going to leave the match before you finish shooting all the stages. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO NOTIFY THE CRO on the last stage you shot and the MATCH DIRECTOR  AND/OR THE RANGE MASTER BEFORE YOU LEAVE THAT YOU WILL NOT BE FINISHING. This is VERY important!

Match Hotel

The hotel is the Days Inn / Baymount Inn and suites on Hwy 82 Phone Direct:940-691-4200  rate is $68.00 per night, the code for this rate is “double tap”  the hotel is about 8 minutes from the range, and about 20 min to the casino's north of town.

Entering the Course of Fire


On Friday June 10th, if no competitors are shooting, preparing to shoot, or scoring the stage, the Range Master has approved registered competitors only, to enter or move through a course of fire.

On, Saturday, and Sunday, competitors may enter or move through a course of fire with prior approval of a Range Officer assigned to that course of fire or the Range Master, any other day with approval from the Range Master or Match Director. May not be on the stages when another squad is preparing to shoot or are shooting that stage.

We are planning on 12 squads with only 11 Competitors per squad (12 -Sat &  12 different Squads on Sun)  So that there will be no breaks in the shooting, except for Lunch. ( I hate shooting 2 stages then a break till late afternoon to shoot a few more stages then go to the motel) We will limit squad sizes to 11 maximum Sat & Sun and 12 maximum on Friday.There will be only a VERY LIMITED number of shoot thorough passes and you better have a GREAT SOB STORY to get one. All squads will chrono after they have shot stage 11. We will be utilizing the SELF SQUADDING feature on  web site.

Squadding is first come, first serve (by postmark when paper entry is mailed in ) We will have a waiting list after the match fills the particular shooting schedules and will notify you by e-mail if your first choice of shooting schedule is full and give you the opportunity to shoot the other day. If your entry clears the wait list, we cannot guarantee that we can place you in a particular squad or with your buddies, so please be sure you want to be wait listed for a session.

When you send in your paid paper entry We will put you into the on-line self squadding system on  web site. We will approve you to squad squad and we will send you an E-mail at the address you provided on your paper entry form, Informing you of the procedure to use so you can move yourself to another squad if you want to.

Changing Divisions

The divisions will be locked on May 30 and no changes allowed after that point . We will also run the classification update from USPSA after this date and any changes will be in affect for the match. We would strongly advise that you DO NOT change your division after May 1st. Due to the fact that at this point we figure how many trophies we need to order for what Class/ Division and we would like to have ALL the trophies on hand at the awards. It throws off the count when folks move from division to division.


The chronograph is scheduled like a regular stage. Report to the chronograph with the rest of your squad as indicated in the squadding schedule.(after Stage 11) Expect ammunition to be tested at least twice, once when you report to the chronograph, and once by random sampling. If you are randomly selected to be retested, you must report to the chronograph at that time. Ammunition must make declared power factor at all times during the match. If you fail to report to the chronograph for the scheduled test or after a random sampling, your scores will all be recorded as scoring minor.

At the chronograph station, do not handle your gun until instructed by the CRO. You will be directed to place your unloaded gun on the shooting bench, slide locked back (if possible), muzzle pointed down range. The CRO may require that several fouling rounds supplied by you be fired into the berm by the CRO running the chrono before actual chronographing begins. Once the CRO begins chronographing your ammo, you may not add, adjust, or alter anything on your gun until after chronographing is finished. If the chronographer notices your gun does not meet safety criteria (inoperable safety, doubling, etc.), the Range Master will be called and you will not be permitted to continue in the match until the gun is rechecked and proven safe.

DQ Policy

It is unfortunate when we have DQ's, but they do happen and it is always the competitor that is in control of this. The policy of the Double Tap Championship Committee is that the prize table, although conducted as a raffle, is part of the the match and if you are DQed from the match, then you are also DQed from winning anything from the prize table. Also If you pay your entry and for some reason can not make it to the Match and forfeit your entry, (After the above refund deadline) you also forfeit your ability to win anything at the prize table. Safety violations and Match DQ's apply to side shoots, vendor tent, parking areas, as well as the match stages.

Pets on Range

NO PETS on Range.... Unless you have proper eye and ear protections for them also. We don't want any blind or deaf animals going home from the range. Our Insurance does not cover your pets, so be advised.

No Children on Range

No children on range under the age of 8 years old. Then parents are STRONGLY URGED to keep a very close eye on your children. THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL SHOOTING MATCH AND NOT A PLAY GROUND. Make sure that you child wears his eye and ear protection at all times while on the range property and stays between the drainage ditches in the middle of the range.

Bulletin Board

Needed reshoots, arbitration committee decisions, lost items, schedule changes, squadding schedules, squad Lists and other official information will be posted near shooter services underneath the main pavilion by the vendor area. Please check regularly.

The Awards
The prize table will be conducted as a "Bucket Raffle" and each competitor will get FIVE red tickets when he checks in for the match. At the beginning of the prize distribution you will be asked to put your FIVE RED Tickets in any of the "buckets" (cardboard boxes) in front of each of the high dollar prizes. You may elect to place any amount of tickets per bucket you wish. When all competitor have place their RED tickets in the buckets, we will begin the raffle with the largest most expensive prizes first. (All guns and frames must go thorough our FFL dealer to be claimed, No exceptions). We will announce which prize we are drawing for then draw a RED ticket from the bucket in front of that prize and that person will win the announced prize, Where there is several of the same prizes we will draw several tickets and call out ALL the names. Again You may only win once.

We will draw from all the buckets that have a ticket in them. When we have finished drawing from buckets that have tickets placed in them, we will than start wIth the Awards Ceremonies. If you won your division and have also won off the prize table you will have to make a choice of which Prize you would like to keep. (You may only win one prize.) The prize you don't keep will go back on the prize table in place of the prize you kept and we will draw a name from that bucket for that Prize.

We will than start the Second Chance round of the raffle. We will have a random order list that we will read the names for the second chance raffle When your name is called you will have a choice of anything that is left on the prize table. We will call out 5 names at a time and give you about 5 minutes to make a selection and then will call another 5 names. Those persons may choose any prize left on the table either before or after the person previous called. We will NOT wait for you to pick a prize before we call the next person to the table, so decide quickly what you want. We will NOT allow you to pick up a prize and hold it and still browse the table. If you pick up a prize we will assume that you are finished and ask you to step aside.

YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN AND CLAIM A PRIZE! We WILL be having a prize table on Friday for the Friday participants. All trophies will be mailed to folks not able to claim them that shot on on Friday or have someone claim it for them at the match on Sunday. if you shot the Sat/Sun portion of the Match and left early for what ever reason you need to have someone claim your Trophy for you or you will need to pay the shipping cost for us to ship it to you of $11.00. (US Postal Flat Rate)

Top Division Winners
We believe in rewarding the top finishers in each DIVISION with something special, A STI Frame for First and Second Place in a division and third will receive a STI Slide. When according to the rules there is more than five competitors in that division.Top division finishers will NOT be eligible for any further prize winnings from the bucket raffle. The Production Division winner will receive a Gun. second a STI frame.

Certificates for Frames must be redeemed through STI and shipped to an FFL holder. Guns can be claimed thru our FFL Dealer at the Match. ( The prize winner is responsible for all transfer fees.  NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS we will only ship to address in the United States.

Top Class Winners

Also we will be awarding laser engraved crystal trophies to first in each class when there is more than 5 in a class. 2nd place trophies when more than 9 in a class and third place when more than 13 in a class. Awards are based on pre-regisration. ALL CLASS WINNERS WILL also be eligible for prizes from the bucket raffle,

Division Winners WILL NOT BE eligible for the bucket raffle.

Concession Area & Shooters Services
We will have a concession area at the match where you will be able to buy food and drinks on the range during the match. Also shooters services will have match shirts available for only $18.00 S-XL and $22.00 - XXL-XXXL for polo type shirts. Shooters services will be adjacent to the concessions area.

Lunch will be served on range and will be $7.00 per shooter / per day. You can Pre-purchase shirts and lunch tickets by sending in a entry form with appropriate spots marked and a check or credit card info for payment and they will be waiting for you at the match, or pay for them at the match.

Directions to the Range: Range GPS Location:    N33 50'11.6154      W98 42' 26.784 or 33.83656 -98.70744.6154"

From I -44 (Which is also hwy. 287) take the US 82-277 West (Abilene-Lubbuck) Exit. Coming from the south make take the US 82-277 exit west for the overpass. Travel straight 9.4 miles till you come to the Shell convenience store at the "Y" of US 82 and FM 258. Take the right on to FM 258 and travel 3.5 miles to FM 368. At the intersection make a left and travel 1.25 miles to the GRAY outer range gate on the right, You will see a Red Flag Waving in the wind, Go thorough the gate on to the heavy gravel range road. Follow the road straight for about a mile to the range parking lot, the road dead ends into the range.

Coming from the Airport: Range GPS Location:    N33 50'11.6154      W98 42' 26.784 or 33.83656 -98.70744.6154"

When you exit the airport you will come to a "T" in the Road. Take a right going west, Travel straight approx. 6 miles going through two stop signs and one over pass till you reach WAL-MART.

At the stop sign AFTER you cross the over pass at Wal-Mart, turn Left going south and get on the Highway I-44 (the very first exit on your left ) and go straight into town approx. 8 miles (You will be on the New Overhead) till you come to the US 82-277 West Exit - Abilene Lubbuck. Exit on your right,

Travel straight 9.4 miles till you come to the Shell convenience Store at the "Y" of US 82 and FM 258. Take the right on to FM 258 and travel 3.5 miles to FM 368. At the intersection make a left and travel 1.25 miles to the outer range gate on the right,( it will be a Gray Gate, big Black letters DTR on it) and a red Flag waving in the wind .Go thorough the gate on to the heavy gravel range road. Follow the road straight for about a mile to the range parking lot, the road dead ends into the range.